California Gun Law is Given Blistering Order

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Bennian / shutterstock.comWhen we talk about gun laws in the United States, a few states come to mind as being the strictest. California, unsurprisingly, is one of them. However, thanks to a Monday ruling by a federal judge, a few of the state’s restrictions just got shut down. Enter US District Judge Cormac J. Carney of California’s […]

Sound the Seventh Trumpet, Blockbuster Is Dusting Off Their Copies of Uncle Buck

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Adwo / shutterstock.comDespite being largely closed for 15 years, and fully shuttered for 10, the once legendary Blockbuster looks to rise from the dead. Should you find yourself on their website on a computer you’ll see the message “We are working on rewinding your movie,” and the mobile edition reads “Be kind while we rewind.” While not […]

Lifelong Democrat Switches Parties, Gives Louisiana GOP a Historic Supermajority

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Joseph Sohm / shutterstock.comPeople who are Democrats and still mentally healthy are finding themselves increasingly isolated as voices of reason in their crazy party. They either have to go along with the transgender weirdness, assaults on the family, child grooming, and Trump Derangement Syndrome, or they get devoured by their own side. As a result, another Democrat has […]

UBS Snatches Up Failing Credit Suisse in Another Example of “Too Big To Fail” Banking

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MDart10 / shutterstock.comIt turns out that Republican Rep. Steward McKinney (R-CT) and his infamous 1984 quote were not exclusive to the US. “Mr. Chairman, let us not bandy words. We have a new kind of bank. It is called too big to fail. TBTF, and it is a wonderful bank.” Now, Switzerland (infamous for its banking system, […]

Why DeSantis is Keeping His Presidential Intentions Hidden 

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Leonard Zhukovsky / shutterstock.comWith an ever-deepening pool of Republican presidential candidates, one swimmer has still not announced his intentions to dive in: Florida’s wildly popular Ron DeSantis.   But that doesn’t mean he isn’t getting ready for his big announcement. Sources close to DeSantis reveal that the governor has been quietly preparing to throw his hat into the presidential […]

Another 25-Something NFL Player Retires

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Brocreative / shutterstock.comIf you haven’t noticed, there’s been a number of NFL players retiring as of late. However, it’s important to point out that these aren’t your average Tom Brady-like players. Instead, it’s 25-year-olds like Los Angels Chargers safety Nasir Adderley. Adderley made the announcement on Thursday from his Instagram account, noting that “it’s time for me […]

Proof Kamala Harris is Just as Incompetent as Biden

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BiksuTong / shutterstock.comBy now, we all know that Democratic President Joe Biden is about the worst as far as competency goes that we’ve ever had. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that his second in command isn’t any better – and a recent interview gives us all the proof we need. It all happened on Wednesday when Vice […]

Michelle Obama Says Barack’s Administration was “Scandal Free” But Here are the Receipts

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EPG_EuroPhotoGraphics / shutterstock.comIt’s pretty clear from Michelle Obama’s lackluster performance on her new podcast that she’s not going to have the energy to mount a presidential campaign in 2024, as some have been dreading. She’s never exactly been a “go-getter.” Mrs. Obama raised eyebrows this past week when she made the outlandish claim on her podcast that […]

Chris Christie Considers a 2024 Run Despite Being the Worst

L.E.MORMILE / shutterstock.comEvery now and again, we hear of politicians who simply don’t know when to quit. Chris Christie seems to be one of those individuals. The GOP politician hasn’t been a fan favorite since, well, ever. He is a failed former governor of New Jersey. And he failed at running for president. Why is that? Well, […]

This Democrat Senator Wants to Censor Social Media to Prevent Bank Runs

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monticello / shutterstock.comIt’s all hands on deck in Washington, DC right now, following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank last Friday. In a conference call between lawmakers the Treasury Department, the FDIC, and the Federal Reserve, one Senator, in particular, was interested in protecting the banks from the American people. Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) is asking the […]