Biden Arresting January 6ers Twice as Fast as in 2022 and 2023

Sebastian Portillo /
Sebastian Portillo /

The Department of Justice must be sensing that Donald Trump is going to win the 2024 election. They’ve started arresting peaceful January 6ers at the fastest rate since the mostly peaceful protest happened at the US Capitol.

In the 40 months since January 6th, the Biden regime has arrested 1,424 Americans to wreck their lives. You would think that they’d just give up on the whole thing eventually, but this was always about vengeance against the Americans who objected to His Fraudulency being certified as the invalid and unelected “winner” of the 2020 election.

As of May 3rd, the DOJ has arrested 159 Americans so far this year on non-violent misdemeanor charges for wandering in the Capitol all those years ago. That’s nearly twice the rate of the 83 Americans who were arrested by this time in 2023 and the 85 arrested in the same period in 2022.

This is the biggest and most sweeping FBI investigation in US history. The regime has given grandmothers with cancer who walked into the Capitol with their knitting needles more attention than they ever did to Al Capone, jihadi terrorists, or organized pedophile rings.

Most of the people arrested have been charged with a silly misdemeanor for trespassing. Only 885 of them have gone to trial so far, with 61% receiving prison time for peacefully walking into a public building that their tax dollars pay for.

Not a single defendant has been found not guilty by the biased Washington, DC, jury pools made up of Biden voters. This is one of the greatest injustices in American history. The FBI and the Department of Justice are ignoring far more serious crimes to punish Americans for objecting to Joe Biden’s false 2020 victory.

The frantic pace of the arrests suggests that even the Department of Justice realizes Joe Biden cannot win a second term.