California Democrats Drown In Tears As Thousands Of Boaters and Supporters Welcome Back Trump

Janson George /
Janson George /

Former President Donald Trump received a warm welcome from a large gathering of supporters and boaters during his recent visit to California, a state typically known for its Democratic leanings.

On Saturday, Trump attended a rally in Newport Beach, California, organized by health insurance entrepreneur John Word and his wife, Kimberly. CBS News covered the event, which reported that ticket prices varied significantly, starting at $3,300 100,000 per person for members of the roundtable host committee, as listed on the Republican Party of Orange County’s website.

Margo Martin, the deputy director of communications for the Trump campaign, shared a video on X of Trump acknowledging the support from several boats in Newport Beach:

Additionally, numerous boats were seen displaying both the American flag and Trump flags, signaling strong support for the former president in the coastal area.

Further footage on X showed the extensive crowd of Trump supporters that spanned several blocks in Newport Beach.

Trump’s fundraising efforts continued robustly in California, with a notable event last Thursday at the home of Silicon Valley entrepreneur David Sacks, where he raised $12 million. The following day, Trump held another fundraiser in Beverly Hills at the residence of Lee Samson, a board member of the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) and a member of the Republican National Committee, as reported by KTLA5.

It’s clear that Trump’s conviction has not slowed down his fundraising and campaigning efforts.