Illegals Surge the Border Because Even They Believe Trump Will Win

David Peinado Romero /
David Peinado Romero /

The pace at which foreign invaders are hurling themselves at our wide-open southern border is accelerating as we head into the summer of 2024. The New York Post sent a reporter to the southern border to try to figure out why so many more are coming now, as compared to a year ago. The illegals were very frank in their answers. They’re worried that Joe Biden will lose the election this fall and that Donald Trump will win and shut the border down.

“We don’t want Trump,” said two brothers from Colombia who illegally breached the border.

The illegals seem to be under the misguided notion that things will play out the same as they traditionally have under previous presidents. Both Democrats and Republicans have never had the stomach to truly protect the American people from illegal invaders, at least not since the 1960s. So long as they end up in America, they usually get to stay forever.

Donald Trump has other plans, however. He notes that the country simply cannot absorb 20 million criminal invaders like these and has plans to use the military to implement mass deportations. A new poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos found that 56% of Americans agree with Trump’s plan, including 42% of registered Democrats. Another 36% support locking the illegals up in detention camps until they can be deported.

By the way, this plan is far more humane than the way that other countries treat illegal aliens. Pakistan steals all their possessions and money and then sticks them on a train. Saudi Arabia just shoots them out in the desert and lets the buzzards take care of the rest.

Watch as the New York Post interviews illegals who are rushing to get into America now out of fear that Trump will win in November: