Mass. Officials Give Kids Rooms Alongside Sex Offenders

Yingna Cai /
Yingna Cai /

While Massachusetts officials refuse to give up their “sanctuary state” agenda, state officials along the southern border are more than happy to keep sending illegals to The Bay State.

As concerned citizens are outraged at the level of services being stripped from their communities to provide for these illegals, a new report from the Boston Globe uncovered another shocking revelation.

Facing a lack of potential housing across the state for these illegals, they have been housing sex offenders right alongside these illegals. With many of the illegals consisting of families with young kids, it’s horrific to imagine them living alongside pedophiles. In at least six facilities, the paper discovered sex offenders who were convicted of child sex crimes, including pornography, rape, and assault, sharing space with these families who received no notice.

Democratic Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey’s Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities refused the paper’s requests for information on sex offenders. Claiming they check shelters against the registry every six months, they seem to think this is doing anything to safeguard these children.

Agency spokesman Kevin Connor said, “The safety and well-being of the 7,500 families in Emergency Assistance shelter is a priority for our administration. We will continue to take all possible steps to ensure the safety of EA residents and carefully review any situation that comes before us to act quickly to protect families.”

According to the outlet, at the Baymont Hotel, a man convicted of frequently sexually assaulting a girl under 14 years old is being housed under the same roof as these families. Likewise, at the Colonial Traveler Inn, a convicted child rapist is reportedly living there, with migrant families blissfully unaware of his status.

In a twist of justice, when the Boston Globe identified someone living with the illegals who had been convicted of raping and abusing a child back in 2012, officials had him removed from former Salem State University.

On average, the state is taking care of 23,000 illegals at any given time, and according to the Boston Globe, it has already cost the state nearly $1 billion on housing alone. Given how horrifically overtaxed the state already is, this will only make an already expensive way of life significantly worse, all so the liberals can feel like they helped.