Thousands of Potential Illegals Camp Out While They Wait for the “All Clear” To Cross the Border

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Alexander Lukatskiy / shutterstock.comTitle 42 has been a blessing for the southern border towns. The American people were able to have a small albeit short reprieve from the massive influx of illegal immigration coming from the south, and this act gave the illegals good cause to stay on their side of the border. With President Biden removing that […]

DeSantis Scores Another Big Win in Case Against Him

BERMIX STUDIO / shutterstock.comRecently re-elected Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has become an apparent target for the political left in recent years, particularly since taking a stand against woke Washington leadership hellbent on enforcing draconian pandemic lockdowns and mandates. Those against him also don’t like that he’s stood up for the most innocent and vulnerable of us – the […]

Biden: Is He America’s Most Unpopular President?

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Gints Ivuskans / shutterstock.comJoe Biden as President. How Is He Doing So far? A year into his presidency, we take a look at what progress Mr.Biden has made. He began his term with 56% of the country approving his performance and having more than 80 million votes. When Mr.Biden took office he made it clear that tackling the […]

What a Difference a Midterm Can Make!

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Andychi / shutterstock.comIs anybody else noticing the difference in the reactions of the Democrats from the reactions of the Republicans? Reactions are one thing and implications are quite another. For instance, President Joe Biden’s promise of student loan forgiveness is dead in the water and even the court has stopped it. The truth is that Biden fooled […]

Elon Musk Fires Engineer Who Lashed Out Publicly

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FellowNeko / shutterstock.comIf you were an employee at Twitter right now and wanted to keep your job, do you think you would go toe to toe with Elon Musk publicly on social media? That is exactly what one of the executives from California did recently. This guy is most certainly a part of the California culture that […]

Extreme Leftists Plan on Forcing DACA Amnesty Through During Lame Duck Congress

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Stuart Miles / shutterstock.comSenate Democrats see that their time is up. With the shift in the balance of power coming on January 1st, they want to use the lame-duck Congressional sessions to get any last things through before they lose their opportunity. First up on the block is fulfilling then President Obama’s nightmare Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals […]

The Left Is In Full Meltdown Mode with Trump Being Reinstated on Twitter

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viewimage / shutterstock.comIf you spent any time on Twitter this past weekend, you may have seen a poll that was getting a significant amount of traffic. Elon Musk asked the masses if Donald Trump should get reinstated on Twitter. At one point, the poll was getting over a million hits an hour. Once the timer ended, it […]

China Now Claims Submarines Can Strike the US From Their Own Waters

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Blablo101 / shutterstock.comChina has been trying to test the water against the US for decades now. While they have largely remained silent and focused on their problems with Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Spratly Islands. Now they have added the US to that list, as the is committed to not allowing China to continue its manmade island […]

2021 Christmas Mass Murderer Will Never See Freedom Again

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Zoran Karapancev / shutterstock.comDarrell Brooks should have been the top story across the news networks over the last few months as his case has pressed on. Unfortunately, a black man plowing through a crowd of people at a Christmas parade with no guns or dead cops doesn’t interest the mainstream media. So his story quickly faded from the […]

Rupert Murdoch and Son Pull Support from Trump and Give It to THIS Man

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Sean Locke Photography / shutterstock.comIf former President Donald Trump does run again for the presidency in 2024, he won’t have the massive support of one of the most powerful people in the news…media icon Rupert Murdoch. If that wasn’t going to make The Donald insane with anger enough, it is being reported that the mogul and one of his […]