Christianity or Al-Qaeda: What’s the Biggest Threat to the US?

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Paul shuang / shutterstock.comThis shouldn’t be a hard question if you are a Christian American. Obviously, Al-Qaeda should be considered the biggest threat. However, the Biden administration isn’t filled with the most God-fearing bunch. They equate Christians with MAGA-loving Republicans, and that’s a threat to the overall “democracy.” Or so they say. James Carville, a Democratic strategist, was […]

Iran Attacks US Ship; Biden Refuses to Provide Real Response

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Volodymyr Vorobiov / shutterstock.comOn December 3rd, the USS Carney and maritime shipping vessels in the Red Sea came under assault in multiple attacks. Starting at 1000 hours in Sanaa, Yemen, the attacks carried on for well over five consistent hours. While no reports of death or serious injury have been reported, officials are gravely concerned with the provocation […]

Fetterman Throws “Sinister” Dem Colleague Under the Bus

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AF Branco / creators.comAs is expected, nearly everyone is talking about the recent ousting of now-former GOP Florida Representative George Santos. Shockingly, one Democrat is using the discussion to point fingers at one of his own. Enter Pennsylvania Democrat and US Senator John Fetterman, who many may describe as the sloppiest and oddest man in the Upper Chamber. […]

Suicide Rates Continue To Rise With No End in Sight

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underverse / shutterstock.com2022 was not a banner year for Americans. Our economy crashed into the side of the mountain thanks to Bidenomics. People are watching their family-owned businesses being swallowed up by big business, and the mental health crisis is raging across the nation. It’s no surprise that suicides for 2022 ended the year with just under […]

DC Crime Hitting A Little Too Close To Home: FBI Agent Carjacked

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fongbeerredhot / shutterstock.comA Wednesday afternoon armed carjacking in Washington D.C. marked the 911th such incident in 2023 alone, a 104% rise in carjackings since 2022. This time, the victim was far from one you’d expect. The latest target was an FBI agent, according to D.C. police. The FBI and the Metropolitan Police Department’s Carjacking Task Force are […]

Biden White House Christmas Tree Topples Over in Perfect Metaphor

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Gary Varvel / creators.comIn what many observers think is a perfect metaphor for the direction that America is heading with Joe Biden in the White House, the National Christmas Tree toppled over on Tuesday at about 5 p.m. The National Park Service claims that a strong gust of wind caused the tree to fall over. The 40-foot-tall Christmas […]

Guns are Blazing After Black Friday Deals

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Magi Bagi / shutterstock.comThere are always deals to be had on Black Friday. Most people are buying massive TVs or crockpots or Christmas pajamas with those deals. However, we’re dealing with the Biden administration where Americans’ needs are put second or third – and the bumbling president may land us in one war or another. There’s record immigration […]

300k Hondas Recalled Over Forgotten Safety Part

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Yuriy K / shutterstock.comDespite being some of the cheapest automobiles on the road, Hondas have a reputation for being some of the safest and most reliable you can find. Because of this as well as appearances in multiple movies, they stay in reasonable demand. Combined, it has kept the company going upward for decades as investors are delighted. […]

Majority of Americans Polled Would NOT Volunteer to Fight if the US Goes to War

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Ground Picture / shutterstock.comAs America’s enemies continue to make threatening moves, many see the writing on the wall: War will soon be upon us. The question is, will Americans answer the call and serve their country? If we listen to a recent poll, the answer is a hefty no. According to Newsweek, the research institute Echelon Insights recently […]

Iowa Man Learns Not All Store Names Are Meant To Be Taken Literally

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Retail Photographer / shutterstock.comWhile store names like 7-11, Reid’s Food Barn, and Builder’s Square are some names that are meant to express exactly what they are for, some names aren’t meant to be taken literally. For 54-year-old Kenneth Kelly of Iowa City, his understanding of the Kum & Go convenience store was quite off. Back in mid-March, just […]

OH Rep Leaves CBS Anchor Defenseless About Biden’s Classified Documents Collection

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alexskopje / shutterstock.comRep. Mike Turner (R-OH) took full advantage of an opportunity to appear on “Face the Nation” and be interviewed by CBS anchor Margaret Brennan. Not using the opportunity to brag about changes in Ohio or challenges he would be presenting in Congress in the coming year, he instead took a cue from Brennan as she […]

Creepy Uncle Joe Brings the Childhood Trauma Pie to “Friendsgiving Dinner”

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Muhammad Aamir Sumsum / shutterstock.comWith a whiff of his nose, creepy Uncle Joe set forth with locked focus on a 6-year-old during a “Friendsgiving Dinner” on November 19th. The event was held with service members and military families from the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and USS Gerald R. Ford. Biden was joined by the First Lady as well. This […]

We’re Not Crying, You Are: Highschool Kids Pay the Highest Honor to Homeless Veterans 

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SeventyFour / shutterstock.comThere is nothing sadder to see than a homeless veteran abandoned by the very country they served. But the situation is even more heartbreaking when those veterans pass away with no friends or family to give them the dignified, respectful burial they have earned.  Dr Peter Folan, president of Boston’s Catholic Memorial College Preparatory School, […]

Reporter Grills Kamala About the Role Race Played in VP Selection: “I Don’t Understand the Question” 

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lev radin / shutterstock.comIn July 2020, only minority women made the short list of President Joe Biden’s final four contenders for his potential running mate.  An explicit request in an open letter to Biden came from 200 Black women, identified as Democratic activists and leaders, urging the selection of a black woman for vice president. The letter stated […]

Californians Moving to Texas Get a Few Big Surprises

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Simone Hogan / shutterstock.comCalifornia has made a number of mistakes. They have allowed their liberal agenda to rule everything, which means that there’s homelessness, rampant crime, expensive gas, high rent, and more. It’s not surprising that some Californians who lean a bit more to the left are choosing to pack up and leave. They’re loading their moving trucks […]