Under 30? You’re Not Welcome Here: Bar’s Shocking Weekend Ban

Nomad_Soul / shutterstock.com
Nomad_Soul / shutterstock.com

A bar in Groveport, Ohio, has stirred up a storm of controversy and cries of age discrimination by banning anyone under 30 on weekends. Donerick’s Pub thinks this will curb violence, especially after the circus-like spectacle of a naked brawl in their parking lot. Because clearly, kicking out millennials and Gen Z is the magic bullet for all their problems.

Earlier this month, Donerick’s Pub took to Facebook to announce a strict “30 & up” rule for Friday and Saturday nights, with no exceptions. This new policy aims to create a safer environment for patrons. The Pub emphasized, “Keeping our customers safe is our top priority,” and added that they will keep experimenting with different measures to reduce violence and ensure the safety of their business.

While the Pub didn’t mention specific incidents, the comments on its Facebook post hinted that a recent scuffle might have driven the decision. One commenter pointed out the irony, noting that the brawlers and shooters are usually the over-thirty crowd.

In response to the drama, Donerick’s Pub expressed its commitment to experimenting with different measures to maintain a fun and secure atmosphere.

In the wake of the ban, several customers proposed alternative solutions, such as imposing a dress code to deter violent behavior. However, one commenter hilariously highlighted the absurdity of the dress code suggestion by citing a recent brawl featuring a completely naked woman.

A dress code wouldn’t change anything, he quipped, “you can put a turkey in a tuxedo, but it’s still a turkey.” He didn’t let anyone forget that one of the combatants was stark naked. In a show of exasperated patience, The Pub reminded everyone the woman was, in fact, fully dressed when she entered and exited the bar.

The naked brawl immortalized on Instagram showed a completely unclothed woman going toe-to-toe with a fully dressed opponent while a third woman eagerly joined the fray. Eventually, the spectators decided to break up the fight.

The new age restriction sparked a whirlwind of reactions among the bar’s patrons. Some cheered for the change and even pushed for raising the age limit to 35 or 40, claiming the younger generation is a lost cause and hoping this drastic measure would make a difference. On the flip side, those suddenly barred from their weekend hangout felt unfairly targeted and penalized by the new policy.