White House Won’t Confirm or Deny Whether Biden Will Be on Drugs for the Debates

Framalicious / shutterstock.com
Framalicious / shutterstock.com

Politico actually asked the White House on Monday whether Joe Biden will be using performance-enhancing narcotics to sharpen his mental acuity during the June and September debates with President Trump. The response was kind of surprising. The White House is refusing to confirm or deny whether Biden will be jacked up on illegal drugs to survive the debates.

It’s obvious to most casual observers that Joe Biden is frequently on drugs for public appearances and speeches. Just look into his dead, black, soulless eyes with blown-out pupils if you doubt this.

The medical community has long known that a combination of barbiturates and amphetamines can create lucidity in severe dementia patients when administered intravenously. This has diminishing returns over time because it turns the recipient into a junkie. It is a way to make a dementia patient appear lucid for about an hour, though.

President Trump insists that Biden should take a drug test before the upcoming debates. It became obvious to the whole world that Biden was using performance-enhancing narcotics during his bizarre State of the Union speech earlier this year.

He was screaming and talking a hundred miles an hour at the beginning of the speech, and by the end, he was mumbling like a toddler with a mouthful of pudding. He also wandered around dazed and lost on the House floor for 45 minutes after the speech.

It was surprising that leftwing Politico, which is rooting for Biden in 2024, actually asked the White House whether the old dementia potato will be taking drugs for the debates. Good for them. The White House lies about everything else, so why didn’t they simply say that Joe Biden won’t be on drugs?