2024 Blowout? Trump Now Leads Biden by +6 in This Deep Blue State

Svet foto / shutterstock.com
Svet foto / shutterstock.com

The Democrat Party is desperately trying to carry out an “assassination by other means” against Donald Trump. All the frivolous indictments and lawsuits are designed to prevent you from voting for the candidate of your choice this November. The reason for this lawfare frenzy is because Democrats have seen the writing on the wall, and it appears that Trump is going to redraw the electoral map this November. For example, Trump now leads Joe Biden by +6 in the latest polling from the reliably blue state of Maine.

Just a few months ago, Biden was holding onto a +1 lead over Trump in Maine. To point out the significance of this, Donald Trump never led in the polling in Maine at any point in 2016 or 2020. What accounts for this sudden seven-point swing in his favor, in a state that continuously reelects people like Sen. Susan Collins?

The poll was conducted in February by Pan Atlantic Research. This is a little-known but extremely accurate and non-partisan polling entity. In the last 26 years, Pan Atlantic’s polling has only called one election in Maine incorrectly out of all the House, Senate, presidential, and gubernatorial elections.

We don’t have to guess why voters in Maine are leaning toward Donald Trump because Pan Atlantic asked them in the poll. It all comes down to economic policy.

When asked to rank the reasons why they chose Donald Trump over Joe Biden, voters overwhelmingly cited economic reasons. The simple fact is that every American is now financially poorer under Joe Biden than they were under Donald Trump just three years ago.

The overwhelming majority of Maine voters (68%) selected the cost of living as their reason for choosing Trump. Since Joe Biden was illegitimately installed in the White House, rent has gone up as much as 30 to 40% in some places, 30-year fixed mortgages have a higher interest rate than most living Americans have ever seen, home energy and gas prices are the highest they’ve ever been, and grocery prices have exploded.

Inflation was cited as the number two reason for selecting Trump (37%) and high taxes as number three (32%). Healthcare access and insurance coverage were number four at 27%. These are all economic reasons, sometimes referred to as “kitchen table issues.” As Bill Clinton from 1992 might be able to explain it to modern Democrats, “It’s the economy, stupid!”

The opioid crisis and jobs and unemployment tied for fifth place at 22% each. So, five of the top six reasons why Maine voters prefer Donald Trump over Joe Biden are related to economics. Joe Biden has made every American poorer, and only a stupid person would argue otherwise. Donald Trump is offering a return to economic sanity in America. Fewer regulations, more jobs, a growing economy, low inflation, and stability are what Trump’s policies accomplished before and will accomplish again.

What’s Joe Biden offering in a second term? World War III, forcing everyone to buy an electric car that they don’t want and can’t afford, and sexually mutilating children in trans surgeries. Big choice, there. None of Joe Biden’s policies will put food back on Americans’ tables or help them pay their skyrocketing monthly electric bills.

Be ready for some major system shocks in the 2024 election. President Donald Trump could very well redraw the electoral map this year, in ways that we haven’t seen since Reagan’s 1984 landslide. When states like Virginia, New York, Maine, and Oregon are in play for Donald Trump, anything can happen.