“Optics” Drove Decision Not to Execute Biden Search Warrant 

shutterstock.comIn November, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) subpoenaed Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf of Delaware to a December 7 deposition before the House Judiciary Committee. Wolf had authority over the Department of Justice’s Huner Biden investigation, but the DOJ had not complied with allowing her to meet with the Committee before the subpoena was finally […]


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Paul shuang / shutterstock.com
Paul shuang / shutterstock.comThis shouldn’t be a hard question if you are a Christian American. Obviously, Al-Qaeda should be considered the biggest threat. Howe ...Read More

Christianity or Al-Qaeda: What’s the Biggest Threat to the US?

Volodymyr Vorobiov / shutterstock.com
Volodymyr Vorobiov / shutterstock.comOn December 3rd, the USS Carney and maritime shipping vessels in the Red Sea came under assault in multiple attacks. Starting at 100 ...Read More

Iran Attacks US Ship; Biden Refuses to Provide Real Response

AF Branco / creators.com
AF Branco / creators.comAs is expected, nearly everyone is talking about the recent ousting of now-former GOP Florida Representative George Santos. Shocking ...Read More

Fetterman Throws “Sinister” Dem Colleague Under the Bus

underverse / shutterstock.com
underverse / shutterstock.com2022 was not a banner year for Americans. Our economy crashed into the side of the mountain thanks to Bidenomics. People are watchin ...Read More

Suicide Rates Continue To Rise With No End in Sight

fongbeerredhot / shutterstock.com
fongbeerredhot / shutterstock.comA Wednesday afternoon armed carjacking in Washington D.C. marked the 911th such incident in 2023 alone, a 104% rise in carjackings s ...Read More

DC Crime Hitting A Little Too Close To Home: FBI Agent Carjacked

Gary Varvel / creators.com
Gary Varvel / creators.comIn what many observers think is a perfect metaphor for the direction that America is heading with Joe Biden in the White House, the ...Read More

Biden White House Christmas Tree Topples Over in Perfect Metaphor

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Magi Bagi / shutterstock.com
Magi Bagi / shutterstock.comThere are always deals to be had on Black Friday. Most people are buying massive TVs or crockpots or Christmas pajamas with those de ...Read More

Guns are Blazing After Black Friday Deals

Yuriy K / shutterstock.com
Yuriy K / shutterstock.comDespite being some of the cheapest automobiles on the road, Hondas have a reputation for being some of the safest and most reliable ...Read More

300k Hondas Recalled Over Forgotten Safety Part

Ground Picture / shutterstock.com
Ground Picture / shutterstock.comAs America’s enemies continue to make threatening moves, many see the writing on the wall: War will soon be upon us. The question is ...Read More

Majority of Americans Polled Would NOT Volunteer to Fight if the US Goes to War

Retail Photographer / shutterstock.com
Retail Photographer / shutterstock.comWhile store names like 7-11, Reid’s Food Barn, and Builder’s Square are some names that are meant to express exactly what they are f ...Read More

Iowa Man Learns Not All Store Names Are Meant To Be Taken Literally

alexskopje / shutterstock.com
alexskopje / shutterstock.comRep. Mike Turner (R-OH) took full advantage of an opportunity to appear on “Face the Nation” and be interviewed by CBS anchor Margar ...Read More

OH Rep Leaves CBS Anchor Defenseless About Biden’s Classified Documents Collection

Muhammad Aamir Sumsum / shutterstock.com
Muhammad Aamir Sumsum / shutterstock.comWith a whiff of his nose, creepy Uncle Joe set forth with locked focus on a 6-year-old during a “Friendsgiving Dinner” on November 1 ...Read More

Creepy Uncle Joe Brings the Childhood Trauma Pie to “Friendsgiving Dinner”


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Assistant AG For Civil Rights “Is Not Familiar” With Missouri vs Biden Case

Ariya J / shutterstock.com
Ariya J / shutterstock.comWhether it’s not being able to define the word “woman” or claiming ignorance over full-term abortions, what Democrats “don’t know” c ...Read More

Hillary Starts Talking about a “Climate Body Count” and Everyone Gets Nervous

Ben Von Klemperer / shutterstock.com
Ben Von Klemperer / shutterstock.comDoes anyone else get nervous when Hillary Clinton starts talking about a “body count?” Before we even report this story to you, we’d ...Read More

Newsom vs. DeSantis: What the Debate Was Really About

Gary Varvel / creators.com
Gary Varvel / creators.comOn Thursday, November 30th, Florida governor and 2024 presidential candidate Ron DeSantis (R) and California governor Gavin Newsom ( ...Read More

Basketball Does Not Make Men of Boys; Louisville Athlete Would Rather Sit Than Play Without Tights

Sergey Nivens / shutterstock.com
Sergey Nivens / shutterstock.comYears ago, the greatest of all time in basketball, Kobe Bryant, said it best when he said players were getting soft. While many were ...Read More

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