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We’re here to put a conservative spin on all of the latest breaking news so you can stay informed while also enjoying a better reading experience — as opposed to what the liberal media is trying to constantly spin.


We’re your one and only source for news. We take the time to get news from all over the web, keeping you updated about politics, legal battles, climate change, and more.

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Conservative Americans have quickly become Public Enemy #1 in the eye of the left. Conservative news sources are nearly impossible to find, which means that the battle is becoming difficult. The tyrants on the left even have the mainstream media on their side, leaving bias on every news article that they publish.

At Freedom Falcon, we’re here to share the REAL news without letting the progressive agenda taint what’s going on. We will be sharing political stories, op-eds, and breaking news from around the world – all of the issues that matter to conservative Americans like you.

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