A Serious Springtime Preppers Checklist

Zivica Kerkez / shutterstock.com
Zivica Kerkez / shutterstock.com

The Boy Scout motto is one of the easiest to remember, but one too many Americans forget it: “Be prepared.” As preppers, we take this motto to heart and ensure we and our families are prepared for anything that may happen and have contingencies in place for when things fail as society collapses.

Here are five simple things you can do to be prepared this spring:

1. Get Outside: From chopping wood to strolling the local park or hitting the hiking trails outside of town, getting outdoors and acquainted with nature is crucial as a prepper. We know that the day is coming when society will collapse here in the US. Knowing the woods and how to move around them comfortably will be the cornerstone of survival.

2. Take a mini vacation at home: Little vacations can be used to do some improvement projects for your homestead. Bright lights and bushes outside windows, new security cameras, and reinforced door locks are the mainstays of keeping your home secure, but many don’t carve out the time to do them. Taking vacation time to do so ensures it is done and done to the standard.

3. Gut the garage: From the kids to your spouse, the garage becomes the place where things we don’t want to get rid of and barely use end up. Gutting it out and making better use of that space is a great way to ensure your survival. A 24-hour gym, workshop, gunsmithing room, or panic room are all good uses for this space and guarantees easier prep for being ready for when the shit hits the fan.

4. Meet the neighbors: Knowing who lives nearby and what they are all about is crucial to being prepared. You never know when someone just two doors down from you is a Hamas sympathizer or someone who thinks Biden can do no wrong. Being aware of their motives and beliefs means you won’t waste resources, time, or efforts on people who don’t have your best interests at heart.

5. Improve skillsets: Practice makes perfect. Run through dry drills to load up and get on your way to your stronghold. Getting on the range and putting some extra lead down range or shooting in unusually stressful conditions is perfect for spring. Local range masters often have group rates and discounts to mark the season and get you ready.