American and Trapped in Haiti? Biden to the Rescue. Just Pay Him Back

PredragLasica /
PredragLasica /

With Haiti breaking down faster than Afghanistan did when President Biden pulled out American troops, the White House decided to help Americans leave early. Much like in that debacle, the State Department has taken the lead in getting Americans out. Posting the initial announcement on X/Twitter, they offered to get passport-holding Americans out from Cap-Haiten, but Biden needs his money back. Situated five hours away from the capital of Port-au-Prince, it’s a dangerous trip.

The State Department directs Americans to its website, where they share instructions; it seems like a dire situation.

“The overland trip from Port-au-Prince to Cap-Haitien is dangerous. We recommend you consider the Cap-Haitien flight only if you believe you can reach Cap-Haitien airport safely. We cannot provide overland travel from other parts of Haiti to Cap-Haitien. We continue to work on options for departures out of Port-au-Prince and will let you know about them as soon as we are able to safely and securely arrange them. The security situation in Haiti is unpredictable and dangerous. Travel within Haiti is conducted at your own risk.”

Further down and seemingly hidden in the page, they added that Americans using “U.S. government coordinated flights” will be required to sign a promissory note before boarding. The note promises to reimburse the US government for the costs of flying them out of Haiti. With no number of flights being promised, Biden’s officials have resisted calling it an “evacuation,” and many have claimed that there won’t be an official one.

Warnings for those currently on the island include staying away from large crowds, only coming out during daylight, and staying in areas frequented by non-natives. While the US is providing money to Haiti, nothing is guaranteeing how the funds are being used, or what will be done to stabilize the government now or even in the near future.

A moment of prayer for those trapped there. It’s got to suck to need rescue in a foreign land only to have your country agree to help you, but only if you pay their overinflated costs.