AOC Now Playing Rescue Ranger for the Biden Family

lev radin /
lev radin /

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) recently decided to set down her Palestinian flag and torch and instead pick up the shield for Hunter and the rest of the Biden family. This all while Hunter was behind closed doors testifying before the House impeachment inquiry on February 28th. In a strong outburst, the loud-spoken Rep from Queens threw the full weight of her overinflated sense of self-worth behind him.

“What we just witnessed over the last hour was, I think, a deep-sea fishing expedition. The Republican case has completely fallen apart over the last several weeks. They [Republicans] are now trying to scramble to find anything to substantiate their fairytale — is what we should call this. But I think, more disturbingly, what we are seeing is just a complete and inappropriate expedition into the president’s son and for matters in subjects that are completely unrelated to an impeachment investigation.”

The mountains of evidence have shown that Hunter and Joe are selling out the office of the President of the United States, and they also did it when he was Vice President. Using various family members, businesses, and bank accounts, they have ripped off the American taxpayer for well over a decade. As we are finally starting to see the realities of the situation, AOC and the rest of the left need to stop ignoring the elephant in the room.

Under official investigation since November 2022, Hunter Biden has faced considerable scrutiny. The investigation kicked off with evidence of Joe getting kickbacks for things that Joe and Hunter did together. The money, Joe claims, was repayments or simply just normal procedure for the family. Nothing that the American people should be concerned about. Well, as we all know, anytime a liberal tells you not to bother worrying about it, you need to worry about it more than ever before.

AOC may have meant to protect the family, but it really tells us that the Republicans are onto something, and she doesn’t like it.