Liberals: AOC Recommends $240 Coffee Strained Through Wild Animal Poop

This may not be a very newsworthy story, but it does give you an insight into the out-of-touch world that liberal New York socialists inhabit. A researcher has uncovered an archived website from 2018 that was pushing “the world’s most exotic cup of coffee.” The website was designed and owned by Riley Roberts, the boyfriend/partner of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). You kind of have to read about this coffee yourself to believe this story.

The website was selling a brand of coffee named Civet Select, from Indonesia. To drive sales for this exotic coffee, Riley Roberts had his girlfriend AOC give a glowing endorsement of it as if she were just a random stranger who liked his bold coffee.

Here’s what Civet Select actually is. In the coffee bean plantations in Indonesia, civets are a wild animal that climbs up in the trees and eats the coffee beans. We had to look up a civet because we weren’t even sure what it was. It turns out that a civet is one of those genetically freakish Asian animals that looks like a cross between a raccoon and an opossum, with weird leopard-like spots on its rear end. They look gross.

Anyway, after the civets poop out the coffee beans, the farmers wander around and pick what’s left of the digested beans out of the poop. The pooped-out beans are then ground up to create Civet Select, which was selling for $240 for a 12-ounce baggie in 2018.

Here’s what “Alexandria” had to say about this wild-animal butt coffee on her boyfriend’s website:

“I was skeptical at first, but this Civet coffee has a unique, smooth and full-bodied flavor that I really enjoyed.”

The website selling this poop coffee was archived right around the time that AOC made her first run for Congress in 2018. It probably wasn’t good for her “socialist” image that she was recommending $240 for a bag of coffee beans that have been strained through a wild animal’s bowels.