Biden Drains Strategic Petroleum Reserve Even Further to Help His Flagging Poll Numbers

Salma Bashir /
Salma Bashir /

Joe Biden’s Energy Department proudly announced last week that it will be draining the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve even further. The reason why they’re doing this right now should enrage every American. Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm announced that the regime will flood the market with 42 million gallons of gasoline to artificially deflate the price of gas between now and the election.

Biden is releasing the fuel from the Northeast Gasoline Supply Reserve. That reserve was created in 2012 in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The storm had damaged a pair of refineries and shut down dozens of terminals in New York Harbor. The supply chains were disrupted so badly that many gas stations in New York didn’t have any fuel for up to a month.

The Northeast reserves were specifically created to prevent another shortage like that from happening. But whatever. Joe Biden’s poll numbers stink, so it’s better to leave an entire region of America vulnerable to another shortage right as we head into hurricane season. There’s an election to be won!

Back in 2022, Biden sold more than 367 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to artificially drive gas prices down before the midterms. If we lived in a halfway sane country, this would be grounds for immediate impeachment as a high crime and it would carry a jail sentence.

The SPR is not Joe Biden’s to sell or dispose of just to help his own poll numbers. That would be crazy. The reserves were created as part of America’s readiness in case we suddenly find ourselves on wartime footing during major disruptions to the global oil supply chain.

Maybe that’s been Joe Biden’s plan all along. Everything he does seems to weaken America on the world stage and make us more vulnerable to our enemies. Why not add the potential for a crippling fuel shortage to his list of accomplishments?