Biden EPA Aggressively Moves to Outlaw Gas-Powered Cars / /

In the most aggressive move against the private sector since Obamacare, the Biden regime is set to announce crippling new rules this week that will regulate a majority of gas- and diesel-powered passenger vehicles out of existence. None of the damage from these new EPA regulations will be felt before the end of this year, which is by design. Biden’s team knows this unpopular move will easily cost him the election if the public realizes just how radical this new plan is.

The new emissions rules that Biden’s EPA is issuing this week will mandate that two-thirds of all new vehicles sold in the US must be all-electric by 2032. The rule will force automakers to do something that is scientifically impossible in a gas- or diesel-powered engine: cut average emissions of carbon dioxide by 52% between 2027 and 2032.

The EPA projects that this will force the car industry to ensure that EVs make up 67% of all new vehicles by model year 2032 (which is calendar year 2031). Dealer groups, car manufacturers, petroleum companies, and a solid majority of the American people are opposed to the new rules. Everyone who wants to drive an EV has already purchased one by now.

Big Government will force its way into the auto marketplace, not by making electric vehicles cheaper, but by making gas- and diesel-powered cars and light trucks too expensive for most people to afford them. The timing of the rule is designed to cheer up the global warming cultists in Joe Biden’s base, while the regime hopes that the public won’t notice these draconian rules before the election.

Cheer up, America! When you look at how much Obamacare improved healthcare in this country, just imagine how great it will be when Biden’s government takeover of the auto industry is complete! (That was sarcasm.)