Biden’s Lying, Americans Want the Wall, and They Want It NOW

ajkman /
ajkman /

President Joe Biden never expected the American people to react as adversely as we have to his flooding of the American population with illegals. In his mind, people were okay with open borders, and he firmly believed the American people would just let it slide.

A new study from Monmouth University shows that more Americans than ever want the wall standing along the southern border.

Returning a whopping 53% positive return, this was the highest “build the wall” sampling in history. Additionally, 61% consider illegal immigration to be a “very serious problem,” something that only 43%-49% were saying between 2015 and 2019.

Results like these prove that the American population is starting to wake up and smell the coffee. This also explains why 32% of respondents feel that illegal immigrants are more likely to commit “violent crimes.” By comparison, that number was just 17% in 2015. Conducted from February 8-12, 902 adults were surveyed, and there is a +/- of 4.1 points.

Results like this survey show how much America has changed under Biden. The very problems that conservatives and Trump pointed out as being on the horizon have come true. Meanwhile, the Biden administration is whistling along like this is simply business as normal, and the American people shouldn’t be surprised about the situation.

Finally seeing that the American people are starting to go from “woke” to “awake” is a beautiful thing. We have had enough of the drama and the crime that comes with these illegals, and as a nation, we are fed up with the idea of illegals running our nation. The liberal mind games of trying to tell us that we are all immigrants and that we need to remember our roots as such have been the detriment of the nation. It’s time to build the damn wall. Who wants to drive the first post?