Jen Psaki Claims Biden Didn’t Check His Watch When Troop Caskets Came Home

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki has a new book out that no one ever read, but which has caused a firestorm because of one of the lies she tells in it. Remember the videos and photographs of Joe Biden checking his watch when the caskets carrying 13 American servicemembers came home from Afghanistan? Psaki claims in her book, titled “Say More,” that this was misinformation. Take that, reality!

Psaki’s outlandish claim even contradicts the loyal liberal “fact checking” website Snopes and the word of the Gold Star families who were at the ceremony who clearly saw Biden checking his watch.

The 13 soldiers were killed during a bombing attack at the Abbey Gate base in Kabul after Joe Biden disastrously surrendered Afghanistan to the Taliban. Their deaths were completely unnecessary and would never have happened if Biden had withdrawn the troops from the country in the proper way.

Instead, Biden pulled most of the troops out in the dead of night, leaving behind tens of billions of dollars in high-tech equipment and turning the remaining American soldiers in the country into sitting ducks.

The Gold Star families are now furious with Psaki for this obvious lie. The mother of Marine Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui was at the ceremony, and she says Biden checked his watch five times during the exchange ceremony. It wasn’t misinformation. Joe Biden checked his watch five times because he didn’t care that he had gotten 13 American soldiers needlessly killed.

Psaki finally responded to the firestorm about her lies in the book. She says that the details about how many times Joe Biden looked at his watch will be removed in further reprints of her book and the eBook version. So, even she is finally forced to admit that Joe Biden checked his watch. We’ll all just have to agree to disagree on how many times he checked it.