Joe Biden Thinks John McCain Was His Predecessor and That He Died Last Night

Gints [email protected]

Joe Biden’s handlers pumped him so full of amphetamines for the State of the Union last week that the elderly kid-sniffer still hasn’t recovered. In public appearances this week, Biden looks like his rear-end is dragging far worse than usual.

It must have taken a lot out of him to jack the old guy up on uppers for that speech because he’s definitely off his meds now. During a campaign appearance on Monday, Biden said that his predecessor and friend John McCain had died just the night before.

Biden’s handlers dragged him to Goffstown, NH, for what they were calling an “official” visit. It was obviously a campaign stop. Biden was ostensibly there to talk about how he is “lowering costs for American families.”

The timing for the speech was a little off, unfortunately. On that same day, the CPI index showed that inflation jumped another 3.2% in February, thanks to Biden’s policies. He’s lowering costs for you!

That’s not even the worst part about this train wreck of a campaign stop, though. During his mush-mouthed speech, here’s what Joe Biden declared:

“Last night — not long ago, my buddy John McCain passed away, my predecessor and friend who went — that’s how we ended his career.”
We’re all about accuracy here, so we checked! John McCain did not die last night.

Biden sort of corrected himself by changing the statement to “not long ago,” but even that is questionable. McCain died back in 2018, almost six years ago. You get the impression that Joe Biden is confused about when McCain died.

Another inaccuracy in the statement, which cannot be chalked up to Joe Biden’s “stutter” that the media always loves to mention, is that John McCain was Joe Biden’s predecessor. We checked that, too! John McCain was never Joe Biden’s predecessor. Not ever.

McCain, of course, was the opponent of Barack Obama and Joe Biden when they ran for the White House in 2008. You may remember that as the year when Sarah Palin kicked Joe Biden’s tail in the vice-presidential debate.

In Biden’s drugged-up State of the Union speech last week, he referred to “my predecessor” 13 times. It seems as if he knew who his real predecessor was at that time. At some point between last Thursday when Joe Biden was drugged to the gills and Monday, his scrambled dementia brains decided that John McCain was his predecessor.

For those who don’t know, there is copious scientific and medical research that shows that uppers like amphetamines and barbiturates can induce lucidity for short periods in patients with severe dementia.

The effects of doping them up like this last for about an hour. Joe Biden’s speech on Thursday lasted one hour and seven minutes. After the drugs had worn off, he spent the next 20 minutes wandering around the House chambers in a daze while asking people where he was supposed to go.

Jacking an elderly dementia patient up on powerful narcotics has diminishing returns, however. When you juice them up with a huge cocktail like the one that Biden’s handlers obviously used last Thursday, it takes longer for them to recover from the hangover. That’s what was in full effect in New Hampshire on Monday when Biden thought that his predecessor John McCain had died “last night.”

Here’s what Joe Biden looks and sounds like when he’s not on drugs: