Leaving No Appliance Untouched, Biden Now Wants Greener Washers and Dryers

Ljupco Smokovski / shutterstock.com
Ljupco Smokovski / shutterstock.com

Joe Biden’s Department of Energy (DOE) is on the hunt. Going after the “energy vampires” in Joe’s dementia-riddled nightmares, they want to eliminate any energy-sucking appliances they can find. Like a pathetic Van Helsing, they are now chasing down the clothes washer and dryer markets. Claiming to lower carbon dioxide, and save on water and electricity bills, this is the epitome of the “We’re from the government and we’re here to help” bullshit.

O.H. Skinner, the executive director of the Alliance for Consumers, gave the Daily Caller the reality of the situation for the American consumer.

“Another day, another regulation from the Biden administration to remove products from the shelves and limit what people can buy in the name of their ideological goals. At this point, consumers have gotten the message: if it moves or has a motor and it is in your house, Biden would like it to cost more and probably be less effective. Their primary rationale is that it will cost you less in the electricity bill, but don’t worry, in places like California, politicians are busy trying to drive up electricity bills, too.”

While all this “efficiency” sounds nice to engineers and economists on paper, the restrictions on telling Americans what they can own make it less cost-efficient. These new machines have more sensors, more computer chips, and more pieces to fail at the most inopportune times. Built so they are either one big module of various parts or assembled bit by bit, they fail at an astronomical rate.

Requiring specialized tools and advanced knowledge to work on them, the frustration makes the juice not worth the squeeze. As such, most Americans opt for simply paying someone else to handle the situation for them or replacing it. More landfill waste, and a bigger drain on the economy. Bring back the reliable machines, you can still make them efficient without all the add-ons and Bluetooth.