Mainstream Media Silent After Trump Jr Gets Death Threats and White Powder Mail

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Anytime you hear the name “Trump” in the mainstream media, you know it’s going to be a smear campaign, with little to nothing being said positively. So, when a member of the family like Donald Trump Junior gets attacked, they are silent. It would only make sense that when he got death threats and a letter stuffed with white powder on February 26th, it didn’t even make the post-weather news reports.

Speaking with the Daily Caller about the incident, Trump Jr. didn’t hold back on the silence. “It’s just become a little bit too commonplace that this sort of stuff happens. Clearly, if this happened to a prominent Democrat, it wouldn’t be tolerated and would drive news coverage for weeks. The media would blame all Republicans and force them to answer for it, but since it’s me, radical haters on the left will largely get a free pass and the media will barely flinch. It doesn’t matter what your politics are, this type of crap is unacceptable.”

He went on to state that this was the second time this had happened to him. The first was back when Trump Sr. was in office, and in that instance, his wife opened the letter with his kids right next to her. Much like this latest threat, that incident went underreported by the mainstream media, just like this second attack has been.

Trump Jr. nails the point here, though. The mainstream media would be up in arms had this been done to a liberal politician or their family. 24-hour news would be doing specials on the attack, and someone would be doing an unauthorized story about the incident within the year. Hell, Lifetime might even option the rights to the film adaptation of the book, too. Instead, since his last name is Trump, they ignore it and downplay the threat as if they asked for this.

Both initial on-sight results and lab tests have come back inconclusively, and experts aren’t calling it deadly, but there is no solid indication of how bad it could potentially be.