Report: Two House Reps May Have Seen Military Videos of Alien Bodies

Marko Aliaksandr /
Marko Aliaksandr /

An anonymous active-duty military source says that at least two members of the House of Representatives were shown videos of dead alien bodies in a classified briefing recently. Reps. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) and Matt Gaetz (R-FL) did attend a classified military briefing recently about UFOs. However, when both representatives were asked about what they saw, they declined to answer.

Gaetz and Luna have both been pushing for more transparency into what the government knows about UFOs, which they’re now calling unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs). Rep. Luna says that when she and Gaetz tried to attend a meeting with a whistleblower at Eglin Air Force Base, they got “Men in Blacked.”

The whistleblower allegedly had evidence of the Air Force covering up UFO activity. The Pentagon tried to cancel the first meeting with the whistleblower. Luna says she had a heated argument with the base commander, who insisted she couldn’t talk to the whistleblower because she lacked proper security clearances.

“Why would an intelligence agency need to be there on a meeting for whistleblowers?” asked Luna.

Claims from a military source who said that Gaetz and Luna were shown videos of so-called “biologics”—non-human pilots of UFOs—went viral this week. Independent journalist Matt Laslo, who writes on the Substack Ask a Pol website, tracked down both Gaetz and Luna to ask them about it.

Gaetz said through a spokesperson that he can’t discuss what he saw because it is classified. Rep. Luna basically said the same thing. She told Laslo, “I cannot discuss these things, you know that. I’m sure we’ll have field hearings. No comment.”

Laslo notes that Rep. Luna didn’t laugh or scoff at the question, which makes him wonder if they did in fact see videos of dead space aliens or whatever these things are.