Scientists Now Claim Landfills Are the Big Pollution Source in the US

Dalibor Danilovic /
Dalibor Danilovic /

As Americans wise up to the dirty liberal tricks of trying to force the “green” agenda on everything from cars to cows, their allegations become crazier. Now that the mainstream media has stopped trying to force those on us, the late 1980s favorite pollution from landfills is back in favor. In one of the latest studies published in Science magazine, a group of 17 scientists worked together to study the release of methane gasses by a landfill.

Their “smoking gun” moment comes from methane fumes videoed and photographed over landfills. Conducting their study across 200+ landfills in 18 states from 2018 to 2022, they boast this is the largest study of US landfills to date. Detecting these plumes in 52% of the landfills they visited, they claim these spots are responsible for causing 80X the damage of carbon dioxide.

Surprisingly, now the focus has shifted from being caused by plastics, heavy metals, and slow disposable items. Instead, they claim the methane is originating from organic materials that commonly end up in landfills, like leftover food, papers, and wood. According to their studies, these items get buried, break down without oxygen, and make bacteria prime for methane production.

Simplifying the end of their abstract, “We detected significant point source emissions at a majority (52%) of these sites, many with emissions persisting over multiple revisits (weeks to years). We compared these against independent contemporaneous in situ airborne observations at 15 landfills and established good agreement. Our findings indicate a need for long-term, synoptic-scale monitoring of landfill emissions in the context of climate change mitigation policy.”

Shifting the blame like this is low. Even for the liberals. They have been blaming everything else for ages besides the world simply going through its cycles. Are there options to do things better? Sure. If they truly want to see them implemented, they can simply quit profiting off these initiatives and instead make them more fairly priced.