The Cane Is Mightier Than the Pistol

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Tricky_Shark /

Men who walk with a cane carry themselves differently. Not just using it to help them move around, many use their cane as an extension of themselves and for self-defense if the time comes where they need to. In an ABC 7 report, a California family discovered how mighty that cane can be.

In Redlands, California, the Trammell family was relaxing inside when four or five intruders kicked in their French doors around 1 am. They entered the back of the suburban home where the wife was watching TV; she somehow had her head split open as they entered. As one intruder stayed with her, another made his way to the bedroom of the Trammell’s 21-year-old son. Forcing him downstairs at gunpoint, the would-be robber then decided to go back up and confront the man of the house.

Sensing the threat being posed to him by the punk with a pistol, Trammell used his cane to walk back the perp down the stairs. Refusing to shoot the man, the group left the scene within minutes and did not take anything.

With local authorities warning residents of what they call “crime tourists,” other neighbors told ABC 7 about the recent uptick in robberies in the area. Given the numbers coming out of California, it’s not surprising that the criminals are taking their methods on the road. Having the element of surprise is always a good thing. Still, nothing was more surprising to these tourists than a senior citizen with nothing to lose. Sounds like it might be time to start carrying a cane every day.