Turns Out Team Biden Was Peddling Joe’s Influence in Qatar, Too

Q world / shutterstock.com
Q world / shutterstock.com

While Hunter Biden was busy selling his daddy’s influence to companies in China, Ukraine, and other nations, his Uncle Jim Biden was doing the same in Qatar. According to a new report from Politico, Jim was soliciting Qatar officials to fund his healthcare schemes. In more damning evidence, they uncovered evidence of Jim trying to find ways around soliciting foreign funding in this kind of situation.

Citing testimony from fund manager Michael Lewitt, a former business partner of Jim Biden’s, in a Kentucky bankruptcy court, they uncovered a smoking gun. In sworn testimony, he said two companies Jim utilized in these efforts were part-owned by “members of the Qatari government.” One partnered directly with Jim in a multiyear fundraising effort, with the second giving financial backing to numerous loans a hospital chain had paid Jim to arrange. Lewitt’s testimony was supported by a significant amount of documentation during federal bankruptcy proceedings.

According to the report, Jim didn’t begin his plan until Joe had left the Vice President’s office, and he testified that his efforts to solicit funding had “stalled for lack of viable projects to back.” However, previously uncovered testimony from Lewitt contradicts that and “indicates that Jim Biden forged closer ties to Qatar’s government than previously understood,” according to the article.

Given the timeline of the relationship coinciding with the end of Qatar’s relationship with Saudi Arabia, there is ample information to unpack. With other neighboring countries also severing ties with Qatar, the development of a personal relationship reflects badly on Biden. Given the report’s evidence of Qatar showering the family with money and gifts, it’s clear that the Biden family was being bought out.