VW Bringing Back Scout Motors as an EV Company?

multitel / shutterstock.com
multitel / shutterstock.com

After buying out Scout Motors through the acquisition of Navistar International in 2021, many suspected Volkswagen (VW) would simply sit on the brand and its storied legacy. Now, their Tyson, Virginia HQ has proclaimed the brand is back and opening a Blythewood, South Carolina plant. Repackaging the brand, VW is using Scout to dip its toe in on the electric vehicle (EV) platform.

While VW announced the re-emergence of its iconic VW Bus as an EV back during the Super Bowl, this latest announcement from its Scout Motors brand took many by surprise. Focusing solely on pickups and SUVs, much like EV manufacturer Rivian, the brand gives VW an option to break into a new segment without abandoning its well-documented roots. For Scout purists, this is horrible news.

For decades, the Scout brand was a symbol of what SUVs were designed to be. Built ruggedly and with reliable components, they could largely be fixed on the side of a trail with simple hand tools and a steady flashlight. These new EVs, though, won’t be fixed anywhere near as easily.

Volkswagen Group chief executive Oliver Blume explains that for them, this is purely a dollars and cents move as the company capitalizes on the green movement the liberals are pushing here in the US. “We really do understand the American spirit, but not only that, we also actively contribute to it. What’s rather promising is the revival of the Scout cult brand. This is how we are laying the foundation for an electric SUV and pickup brand in the largest and most profitable US segment.”