Who’s More Respected: Trump, Biden, or Hillary? Poll Says…

Thinglass / shutterstock.com
Thinglass / shutterstock.com

Donald Trump is supposed to be the worst president in US history. And while so-called scholars have recently ranked him as such, a poll of the American people says he’s by far the most respected.

The Rasmussen Reports poll recently asked respondents, “Which one of the following people do you respect most as a leader: Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Mitt Romney?”

Overwhelmingly, the favorite was Donald Trump.

Per the poll’s results, a whopping 42 percent of all respondents agreed they respected Trump more so than any other on the list. In fact, in comparison with his likely 2024 competitor in the general election, Joe Biden, Trump is respected 100 percent more.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton polled even lower, with 17 percent and two percent, respectively. This means that people trust Trump a whopping 2000 times more than Killary.

For Mitt Romney and Nikki Haley, they polled somewhere in between, with three and five percent, respectively.

Of course, breaking the vote down a bit further, Trump is still held in the lead and not just by those assumed to vote for him.

Black voters, for instance, still respect Trump as a leader more than Biden, with 28 percent to 25 percent.

Naturally, this has led to the question of why, although that was not asked in the poll.

One reason is that Trump has been through a great deal and is still going through more. Yet, he is still fighting to serve America, and he’s doing a better job of it than our current leader.

I mean, Trump is currently battling a rape allegation, corruption allegations, 91 charges in four separate indictments, and a mainstream media that just won’t quit belittle him. But he’s still fighting. And he’s still earning far more respect than Biden.

Even without this particular poll, that much is evident. And that’s something even his adversaries can respect.