Ivy League Simps Take Down American Flag on Harvard Campus and Replace with Palestine’s

Jorge Salcedo / shutterstock.com
Jorge Salcedo / shutterstock.com

The Ivy League-based college protests are getting a bit crazier than usual. While not a problem normally, their level of aggression and violence towards both the Jewish and Israeli people has reached new heights. Now, according to a report from Harvard’s newspaper, the Harvard Crimson, they have gone to new lows.

“Pro-Palestine student protesters at the Harvard Yard encampment flew three Palestinian flags from University Hall on Saturday evening. A group of three protesters hoisted the flags over the John Harvard statue in the Yard, where the University sometimes flies the American flag or flags of the countries of visiting foreign dignitaries. As of 6:34 p.m., Harvard University Police officers were calling Harvard Yard Operations to remove the flag. As the staff removed the flags, protesters yelled “Shame!” and chanted “Free, free Palestine” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

Demonstrations from college students are nothing new and are currently being seen at other colleges like Columbia, Yale, and Dartmouth, as well as at UCLA. Many of these students are being exposed on social media for going to these protests to say they were a part of something, not because they care. Eager to fight back and find a single connection to Palestine, they make up excuses to go and blindly follow along with their friends, just like sheep.

Taking down our American flag to fly the flag of another nation should never be encouraged or even tolerated. These students, faculty, and other random protestors should be ashamed. It’s rather obvious they don’t understand what the American flag means or just how unliked they are by Palestine. A major enjoyer of our freedoms, they fail to gasp just how intolerant Palestine is or how quickly they would disappear there.