Crash Torches Tanker on I-95

Collins Unlimited /
Collins Unlimited /

As first reported by News 8 Connecticut, a tractor-trailer carrying 8,500 gallons of gas burst into flames on the I-95. Doing enough damage to necessitate the demolition of the Fairfield Avenue overpass in Norwalk, CT, many are baffled. Constructed less than a decade ago, the bridge had a blaze spark right under it and burned for hours as the bridge was subjected to intense heat and pressure.

Around 5:30 am, near exits 15 and 16, a tractor-trailer, a passenger car, and the blown-up gas tanker had an accident. As confirmed by Department of Energy and Environmental Protection spokesperson Paul Copleman, the accident resulted in multiple other accidents due to a variety of reasons. With authorities shutting down the highway in both directions, the local streets have since been inundated with traffic.

Shockingly, this caught the attention of federal authorities in short order. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg tweeted out a message of support for the residents of the area and confirmed Federal involvement in recovery efforts.

Asking people to plan and work around the area, he responded faster than he has in almost any other major incident of late. It seems as if he’s finally learning that the American people demand accountability. In this age of instant connectivity, a response to the situation and a progress report is expected to begin shortly after any major incident, with the feds helping out immediately.

Yet, in the last 12 months, multiple bridges have burned down due to accidents, plunged into the river due to a shipping barge, or just fallen apart. This is a sign that either our infrastructure is beyond repair, Biden is up to something, or we just have a massive coincidence. You be the judge.