NYC Mayor Tells New Yorkers to Stop Saying Crime is Up…

Steve Sanchez Photos /
Steve Sanchez Photos /

By now, it’s no secret that crime is up pretty much everywhere, or at least in liberally run cities. But New York City’s mayor, Eric Adams, thinks that’s a lie. And he’s imploring New Yorkers to change their “perception” of crime.

In a news conference on Wednesday, Adams said, “Can we please stop saying we’re up in crime in our subway system? We are not! We’re down in crime in the subway system.” Then he went on to insinuate that crime city-wide had fallen, according to recent New York Police Department statistics.

Instead, he said that it is people’s “perception that is playing into this” and “perception can override this.”

Now, to his credit, stats released Wednesday by the NYPD do, in fact, seem to show a reduction in crime city-wide from the previous year. But several factors should be noted with this fact.

First is that crime rates for 2022 were, beyond comparison, the worst ever, pretty much.

And secondly, internal NYPD documents don’t exactly match those statistics. Instead, they show crime as having surged to “levels unseen in nearly two decades.”

As the New York Post reported, the documents noted a surge in assaults, nearing a whopping 28,000 for the first time in the city’s publicly recorded history. And overall crime is on the rise for the second year in a row under Adams.

“While Adams has been touting his success in his war against crime, citing a slight dip reported at the end of 2023, the rolling report shows that the early-year victory lap was premature.”

According to police data on the rolling report, in 2023, the number of seven major crimes soared to 127,111 after 430 upgrades were added. This is the highest seen since 2006, again, for the second year in a row.

Another thing to note is that thanks to city prosecution that basically coddles criminals, many citizens have pretty much stopped reporting crimes. So the number of crimes hasn’t gone down so much as they just aren’t reported. And the ones that are are worse than ever.

It goes on and on…

There’s more, but NYC still insists that there’s no uptick in crime.