Biden’s Cheat Sheet for Meeting with Iraq PM is Beyond Embarrassing

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Drop of Light /

By now, we all know that aging Joe Biden is no longer capable of the duties of his job. This much has become abundantly clear by the widespread use of “cheat sheets” in various meetings and press conferences.

The latest example comes to us from his recent sit down with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’a Al-Sudani.

According to the New York Post, Biden (referred to as “commander-in-cheat”) reportedly checked his script often for what he was supposed to say about certain issues, what questions he should ask, and even when to pause to allow interpreters to translate his words.

If you listen to the White House transcript, Biden actually sounds quite intelligible. But watching him, you can tell he’s pretty much just reading off a card. And when he wasn’t checking the card or reading from it, he was checking his watch.

Of course, as I mentioned, this isn’t the first time the octogenarian has resorted to such ‘cheat sheets’ to get through his daily tasks.

He routinely uses them during press conferences. In these cases, his cue cards usually include the names and photos of the reporters he is supposed to call on. They even include the pre-selected question the reporter is supposed to ask and, of course, what Biden’s answer to such questions should be.

When in any kind of public appearance, whether at the White House or elsewhere, he has people quite literally guiding him, telling him where to stand and even to smile, reminding him to shake hands with certain people.

To be sure, he’s likely the most well-instructed president in US history, if not the world. And yet, he still can’t help but tripping up, both with his feet and his words.

Let’s just say it doesn’t exactly inspire much. Nor does it tell our enemies we are much of a threat. What a complete embarrassment.