Document Proves US Government Recovered a Crashed UFO in 1953

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A former White House official who worked for the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations has released a Department of Defense document that shows the US government recovered a crashed UFO/UAP in 1953. Amazingly, the document is not classified, and the government has since okayed its release to the public.

The incident occurred in May 1953 near Kingman, AZ. It’s believed that the US military was testing an advanced radar system in that area at the time. On the night of the test, there were reports of multiple “flying saucers” in the sky and three of them crashed. One of those was still intact and recovered by the government, according to the document.

Chris Mellon is the former White House official who released the document. He said he felt it was important for the public to see the document because it contradicts recent claims that the government has not recovered any crashed UFOs.

The document is a report that was written in 2020 and cleared for open publication this year. It reads in part:

“The [redacted] would be slack-jawed if they found out what we now know.”

“Right now we haven’t gone that far back. We’re dealing with the recovered UAP that landed in Kingman, AZ in the 1950s. We’re vacuuming up info as [redacted] read-in. We now know the management structure and security control systems and ownership of the C/R. We also know who recovers landed or crashed UAPs under what authorities. We also know that a still-highly classified memo by a Secretary of the USAF in the 1950s is still in effect to maintain the cover on UAPs.”

Nothing to see here! Just a document in which government officials casually discuss a UFO that the US government recovered in the 1950s, which they’ve now been lying about for at least 70 years, if not longer.