Iowa the Next To Make It Illegal To Be an Illegal in Their State

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As strange as it might seem, most states do not have it on the State Crimes list being in the state illegally. Now following the lead of Texas, Iowa has made it illegal to be in the state as an illegal alien if you have been previously denied entry to the US or previously deported. Signed by Gov Kim Reynolds (R-IA) on April 10th, it will go into effect on July 1st, but expected court challenges could delay this.

Tagged as Senate Bill 2340, it also created limited powers for state police officials to return an illegal to their home country. As she signed the Bill, she gave the Biden administration the call out they deserved for their inaction against illegal immigration.

“The Biden administration has failed to enforce our nation’s immigration laws, putting the protection and safety of Iowans at risk. Those who come into our country illegally have broken the law, yet Biden refuses to deport them. This bill gives Iowa law enforcement the power to do what he is unwilling to do: enforce immigration laws already on the books.”

In response, Sen. Janice Weiner (D-IA) claimed that this was nothing more than a “political stunt.” Claiming that the state lacks any resources to deport people, she ascertained that “It’s a gotcha bill.”

Joining her in this strangely enough have been members of the Mexican government. They are already threatening to take them to court and claim they can force its repeal. As to what court could even hear that, that is an incredibly strange question with little legal prescience to go off of.